Question and answers

This is My Photo I have start play music in year '80. during these first years I have play music discontinuosly the bass guitar in a Band of Friends, but I prefere play the synths, and since year 2000 when internet become available in Italy I have begin made new composition that you will find in this site

Do you play live?
I play my synth while my computer record, after I put on line here. Sometimes I add a second track to the same songs and I reverse the tracks to obtein special effects.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I consider usefull internet and mp3 for store my soul, my mind, in music, something that maybe will rest forever.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I dont know, it depends from the contract.

Would you like to work for a major artist as creative ?
Yes, I like to think to be a good music creative.

Your influences?
Dark music mainly, but I generally listen all kind of music on MTV, and I buy a lot of CDs, I have a maniacally impulse to shop CDs and musical instruments.

What you read ?
I like read about nuclear phisic; for example I have read a book called "q.e.d." with 3 lessons of quantistic electro dynamic, by Professor Feynman, and others works of Einstein, Planck, Hawking, Weinberg and so on; and for this I have create a PageBlog Fisici Svalvolati (not serious). Then I have read many books about medicine, expecially about the age progress, I have read a lot also about programming languages, Html, Java, Basic, Bourne Shell with which I have realized some webchat script. I like read also science-fiction like Asimov, Kubrick and others.

I have travel a bit, Paris. Hammameth, Jerba, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, I have visit Germany and Belgium. the longest travel I have do was in Sao Paulo and south Brasil for five weeks, I was also in Bangkok and Bali.

I watch mutch TVNews, some film of science fiction and adventure, I like a lot animation, fantasy and cartoon.

Instrument used?
My first professional synthesizer was a Casio CZ5000 I have buy in summer 1986. in summer 2000 I have buy and start compose the songs you will find in this site with a Yamaha CS1X and two computers to use as audio and midi sequencer. Starting Soundtrack n. 52 I have use a Yamaha MO8 buyed in summer 2007, and in november 2012 I have buy a Roland Juno Di and I compose also with that synth starting Soundtrack n. 190.