My Vision

I think that the goal of our generation is find the gene or the mechanism that cause the age progress and stop or reverse it ( see for example the research of University of Berkeley about the Sirt3 ), to extend our life maybe forever. I'm a musician and I can only play my synth. But all the Presidents of the nations of the World can do much assigning resources to this kind of research to find the meds that can reverse aging-associated degeneration. This is not against the religions, because I think that if God exist and have give us life, I imagine he want we take care of it.

Other example (article are in italian, if necessary use google translator) Personally I think that the stimulation of brain's stem cells is the right way. Also interesting is the scannering of the brain for the digitalization of the mind and successive upload in a digital platform. The following is an article on the immortality of november 2018 that say this last option could be reached before year 2025. Help as you can

Thank you